Backyard Consultation

With an expansive range of options, sizes, material types, and price points, figuring out what new play equipment to purchase can be overwhelming.  Don’t worry, we’re here to help.  Our free, no-obligation consultations are centered around determining what piece of equipment is best for your backyard and your family.  We ask the relevant questions to help you make an informed and happy decision about your purchase.

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Unsure about how to choose the best, safest spot in your yard? Worried about possible hazards – like exposed concrete footings, AC units, rocks, or buried electrical lines? Have questions about a sloping/uneven yard?

If you live within our installation areas, one of our reps can stop by, measure your space for accuracy, and personally look into any issues that might affect a safe install. Let’s find the most desirable spot in your yard to make the magic happen!

Not all play equipment is created equally.  Some will have a much longer lifespan than others, but with that comes a greater purchase price.

We’ll take into consideration your children’s’ ages and how long you expect your family to use the equipment to help in deciding the best value for your situation.

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Assembly & Installation

While most of our products allow for a DIY installation, often clients don’t have the time or desire to take on such a task.  Our skilled in-house technicians work with our products everyday, allowing for a prompt and proper installation of your new swing set, playset, or basketball goal. Proper installation is key to the product’s safety and longevity.

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We offer delivery and installation on all Ryval Hoops we sell within the Louisville, KY area.

Installation of an in-ground basketball goal is a complicated process that if done incorrectly can lead to catastrophic consequences. Don’t put the safety of your family in the hands of a random handyman; let our skilled technicians install it safely and correctly, and enjoy it for years to come.

For all in-ground basketball goal installations, a dig authorization must be completed in order to safely dig and avoid any type of underground utilities. You must call 811 to have all utilities located prior to installation. In-ground basketball goal installations require two separate appointments: 1) dig the footer, pour the concrete, and set the anchor bolts; 2) after letting the concrete cure for a minimum of 72 hours we can return to complete the final assembly.

We offer an industry-leading one year warranty on all labor.

The vast majority of the Swing Kingdom playsets we sell includes delivery and installation at no extra cost!

Contact us for more information.

While every Tree Frogs swing set we sell comes with detailed assembly instructions, proper installation can be an overwhelming and time-consuming task for most homeowners.  Our highly-trained technicians take pride in attention to detail and safety concerns when installing your new swing set.

Delivery and assembly services for Tree Frogs swing sets starts at just $99!

We offer an industry-leading one year warranty on all labor.

Details coming soon…

Through our parent company, Assembly Pros, we assemble and install all brands of swing sets/playsets, basketball goals, trampolines, and any other outdoor product.  So even if you didn’t buy it from us, we’d be happy to install it for you!

 Moving / Relocation

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 Service & Maintenance

Most outdoor products will require some degree of ongoing maintenance to ensure safety and product longevity.  Your product manual will explain the recommended maintenance items and schedule.

We recommend that play equipment be thoroughly inspected at least once a year to catch any potential concerns before they pose a safety hazard.

If you prefer this to be handled with the expertise of a trained technician, we have preventative maintenance options for all products we sell.

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Unfortunately sometimes products don’t perform as expected. In the unlikely event that you need to file a Warranty Claim with the product manufacturer, we’ve got your back. If a claim is approved on a product sold and installed by us, we’ll perform the associated labor at no charge.