KC-5 Deluxe

: $4,868.00

Now everyone can enjoy the thrill of high-flying swinging without having to wait their turn!  Features a 4-position swing beam with additional space for a 4-rope tire swing, Avalanche slide, and flat step ladder providing access to a 5’ x 5’ deck with a pyramid-style roof.

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Overall Dimensions: 19’w x 16’d x 11’h
Weight:1,098 lbs.
Tower: 5’ x 5’ Deck
Deck Height: 5’
Access: Flat Step Ladder w/ Access Railing
Roof: 5’ x 5’ Pyramid
Slide: 10’ Avalanche Slide
Swing Beam: 4 Position Climber
Swings: Belt Swing, 4-Rope Tire Swing, Trapeze, Dual Rider
Anchors: 2
Fun Items: Binocular
Space Needed: 26’ Deep x 25’ Wide
Border Material Needed: 102’ Landscape Timber
Recommended Amount of Mulch: 2 Tons Rubber Mulch 13 Cubic Yds. Wood Mulch


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