Premium Vinyl Playsets by Swing Kingdom

For almost two decades, Swing Kingdom has been equipping parents with more than just swings and slides. Our safe and durable playsets launch active imaginations from a solid platform of maintenance-free construction. As a family operated manufacturer of premier vinyl swing sets, we strive to design and build fine quality, affordable swing sets perfect for children of all ages.

At Swing Kingdom our goal is to help children spend as much time as possible laughing and having fun outside.  To achieve that goal, we create playsets filled with features that give children virtually unlimited opportunities to climb, swing, jump, slide, hide, and enjoy those carefree days of childhood.

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Having fun is as simple as stepping out the back door! With an assortment of swings, slides, and more, the Kastle Tower Series is great for nearly any size backyard.

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For large, active families the Mountain Climber Series includes fun climbing elements for an easy way to increase exercise and enjoyment for children of all ages.

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With covered lookouts and tons of ways to play, the Double Tower Series brings great style to the backyard and twice the fun for everyone!

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The Playhouse Series gives children swings, slides, and a very special place to call their own.  The Playhouse Series is ideal for creative children with active imaginations and families of all sizes.

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Why is Swing Kingdom the Smart Choice?

Vinyl Is Final

One crucial factor that distinguishes our playsets is that we construct them with vinyl, and Vinyl is Final!  Our vinyl has five times the tensile strength and four times the flexibility of wood, with none of the splinters.  Vinyl delivers safety, durability, and stewardship because we use vinyl made from recycled materials.  In fact, the use of vinyl in an average-sized Swing Kingdom playset keeps 2,450 plastic jugs out of a landfill.  Vinyl requires no maintenance, and it’s easy to clean.  In addition, if you do like the look of wood, we can create the same appearance from vinyl.


Innovation is another major reason to choose Swing Kingdom.  Our designers are constantly creating new features for playground equipment.  You can put those features together in the way that best suits your children, and in a way that will provide them and their friends with fun and exercise for years and years.  Bonding with your children is a wonderful part of having a playset in your yard, and the bonding process can actually begin with the design of your playset.  Think of the fun that you’ll have when you sit down with your children and design their own playset by using our online Playset Design Center.  “No, Daddy, let’s put the swings on this side and the slide on the other side!”

Environmental Stewardship

This is important at Swing Kingdom, and all of our playsets are green.  Regardless of which colors you choose, Swing Kingdom’s playsets are green, in the environmental sense.  We make our vinyl from recycled plastic, and our average playset keeps 2,450 plastic milk jugs out of a landfill.  In addition, our extruded lumber contains an effective UV inhibitor that offers significant sun protection.

Value of Investment

Your children’s childhood fun is reason enough to create and install a Swing Kingdom playset.  When the time comes that they grow up and you want to let them take their playset for their children, it will still be in quality playing condition.  If once your child outgrows the playset and you’d like to sell it to another family, Swing Kingdom playsets retain their resale value at a much higher level than traditional wood sets.