About Bluegrass Backyards

Bluegrass Backyards is the retail sales division of Assembly Pros. Through Assembly Pros, we have been assembling and installing a wide variety of residential and commercial products since 2016. We launched Bluegrass Backyards in the spring of 2019 to bring better choices in outdoor play and recreation equipment to Louisville, KY, and the surrounding areas.

Our Story

After a career in office relocation and cubicle installation, Jakob Taylor decided to start a business focused solely on on-site product assembly.  In 2016 Assembly Pros began serving residential and commercial clients in Louisville, KY, and the surrounding areas.  Assembly Pros quickly gained a reputation for quick scheduling, quality service, and great customer satisfaction.

Very early on, a popular service of Assembly Pros was the assembly and installation of outdoor items such as playsets and basketball goals.  These were most often kits sold either online or from a big box retailer.  Jakob became frustrated at the lack of quality and craftsmanship with a lot of what he was seeing in these kits, and thought that there must be something better.  Even after visiting the specialty stores in the area selling swing sets and basketball goals, he realized there was a lack of good options for outdoor play equipment.

Through the experience of installing or servicing almost every current brand of playsets and basketball goals, Jakob was able to distinguish the good from the bad, and the over-priced from the reasonable. He decided that Louisville needed better options, so he researched, tested products, and even visited manufacturing facilities.

That process has led us to Bluegrass Backyards, and the three initial brands we carry: Swing Kingdom playsets, Tree Frogs swing sets, and Ryval Hoops basketball goals.  All three were carefully selected for their outstanding quality and value.  We are proud to be Louisville’s exclusive provider of these great brands. These quality brands, combined with Assembly Pros’ service background, creates a winning combination for Louisville shoppers who won’t settle for anything less than the best.

We are widening our search for the best possible outdoor products available, and will soon carry trampolines, patio furniture, and other outdoor accessories.  Assembly Pros continues to offer delivery, assembly, installation, and repair services for all types of furniture, fitness equipment, outdoor items, and more.